Friday, 6 January 2012

The Vatican's Legal Rights To Your Property

When I was at primary school after moving to the UK from British Army of the Rhine forces education in Germany, one of my first and closest friends was a lovely person called Dominic Golding. It was always obvious to me that he was going to be a Catholic priest, and though I know he flirted with an acting career during his college years I learned that my mother last saw him as the priest at our local parish St. Patricks in Woolston Southampton.

It was Dominic who taught me that the Vatican has a limited number of places for the portrait pictures of the Pope and that the last space available would indeed be the last pope. Well here we are decades later and the Vatican's reputation has never been lower. Ratzinger has the last place and so if he dies this year, the timing suggest's to me that whoever takes his place will never have their portrait on the wall.

If that's a little to metaphysical for your taste than I've pasted the hard evidence with respect to the Vatican's incredible wealth and little understood power above in an interview with Frank O'Collins who along with others such as Santos Bonacchi has an understanding of the Vatican's legal status as owners of the property that we call human beings and the estate that they call their own property. Legally you are owned and the greatest proof that they own you is not to do the spadework and find out.

Owning your mind and opinions is far more important than the vast wealth the Vatican sits on. However unlike the military industrial complex the Vatican is a sitting duck. 

We can bring it down with critical tweets and blog posts.