Sunday, 1 January 2012

John Lash - The Toxic Redeemer Complex Of The Abrahamic Faiths

One of the great disposals of 2011 was a complete and full understanding of the manipulative aim of the Abrahamic faiths as important today as it was millennia ago.

Yahweh? Imposter. Jesus? Sham, Allah? Fraud.

The Gnostic warnings of all these redeemer complexes cost the the peaceful Teleste movement of Pre Christian era their lives. It was stamped out, eradicated and crushed and then a war for conciousness perpetrated over the centuries to the point where violence is ignored by all three whether it's Israeli Defence Force, The Pentagon or Saudi/Iranian war demonics currently brewing up a Sunni bloodbath against the Shiites aided by the Gulf States and armies of Judaism and Christianity. They are all false prophets  and guilt peddlers. Until people are prepared to recognise the heroism of the conscientious objector instead of peddling the toxicity of the 'our fallen heroes' meme we're divided before we stand up as a species.

John Lash outlines it very clearly in this recording along with the Bible/Koran/Torah's use as a social tool for division. A few platitudes on love and practically zero on conciousness and concious states. All three faiths are well represented in their respective armies.

Redemption comes from within not without.