Thursday, 5 January 2012

Flying Saucers Over New York

Around the time I was digesting and coming to terms with the implications of hypothetical collapsing time and the more concrete precession of the equinox (I'm not a solstice fan on this one and prefer March 2013) I met an acquaintance of mine on the streets of Bangkok at around three in the morning. We do this from time to time and usually exchange pleasantries though on this occasion I explained my latest thoughts on astro theology which are quite difficult to get your head around on first try but I don't like trivial small talk if I can avoid it. 

It was his response that surprised me as he talked about UFO's and a recent New York incident. That was how I googled the term disclosure which opened up a rather large can of worms for me. The New York incident is discussed in the interview above by Mike Clelland with Christopher Knowles but I think it free wheels a bit after that into other interesting territory.