Friday, 2 December 2011

Nielsen Stats Confirm Death Of TV Not reported on TV

This is too funny. The death of TV is not being reported by TV (go figure) and also reinforces my point that the corporate media have a profit incentive in lying to people about food, health, politics and about those wars abroad.

Aaron Barnhart broke this news in the Kansas City Star using data that is six months old. Nobody serious has picked up on it including advertising planners it seems. Allow me to summarize the most beautiful trend in humanity.

The total number of U.S. households with TV sets declined year to year for the first time since Nielsen started counting TV ownership.

The number of households with no TV at all is at its highest level since 1975. Three percent of homes are TV-free.

Here are the graphs and chart's:

I put it to you that we live crucial times. That being informed by anything but a profit first, foremost, and last news media corporate entity, (like News International and Sky) is the difference between a healthy or a grossly distorted world view. 

Don't let TV or Newspapers paint your reality. Particularly the corporate media news. Read lots and widely on the internet. Disagree with people in the comments. At least you know you're not being spoon fed.