Thursday, 29 September 2011

They Hate Us For Our Freedoms

I've been arguing politics online since I discovered the original Twitter platform mIRC at University in 1994. Later in life I had an American political mentor who taught me the art of attacking both sides and raised my game another notch from the neoconservatives dominated channel of #political who schooled me in the art of grammar, logic and rhetoric through the trivium and by debating, right wing ideology and American political history on the internet. 

I created the term right wing nuts there and it became a meme with #politics channel dissenters, that finally got me kicked off in the end for being too clever for my own good. I have no idea if it entered broader use because of me. Things happen at the same time elsewhere so I'm not claiming it elsewhere.  It was finally pointed out to me by a friendly voice that I was hanging out with group psychopathy and it's true they are dangerously greedy ideologues fronted by fundamentalist Christian ideologues and draped in the flag.

I'm starting to see a split now that can never be breached. It's true that most people are unable to change their minds but it was always worthwhile if one or two could. That is no longer the case. America is 1984 with better clothes, freedom is doublespeak for shut your mouth, the Department of Defence is the department for attack, the Pentagon is the inside of the Satanic pentagram and protest is non existent, silence is imposed on 95% of my American friends who are too concerned for their own well being, client relationships or career to raise their voice in a Department of Fatherland Security environment. I don't make any judgement as my own political freedom and loud voice is the quid pro quo of other freedoms that have been taken from me. I use my voice as I can and repeat that speaking the truth even in a shaking voice is as good as as could be expected from anybody.

However there is now no time left to win over a few stragglers to the sides of decency and reason through grammar, logic and rhetoric. The kind of people who think the U.S. is a free country are detached from reality and let's be candid. There's been a war on for their minds through diet, television, media, business and don't forget the medical industries success of dubious vaccination programmes and diagnosing independence of thought in children and young adults, and then sedating it at best or framing it as a psychological problem. Last of all the U.S. with the highest prison population in the world locks up those who have no desire to be criminals but find a life of corporate psychopathy inconceivable. The rest the U.S. sends abroad to prosecute the perpetual war, central banking model. The finest minds work in Wall Street, The IMF or The Pentagon.

They're gone. They have been poisoned and are now poison. Hating isn't very productive but be aware, be vigilant and choose wisely. Friends are sometimes made in difficult situations but if that friendship is subservient to fanatical and deranged ideology it's no friendship. Choose people who place the highest value on human qualities. That's it. Next stage of the game. I'll still be letting of a bit of steam in various forums but not because I care any longer. I've cared for too long and basically the awake are awake.