Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Suns Of God


I love this portrayal of how big stars actually can get. It's almost unimaginable, and yet something tells me that the reason why stars are so distant from each other is to keep civilisations who fail to keep their spiritual progression matched with their technology advances from travelling and polluting the universe. 

I can imagine planet Earth would be arming space and punting a central-banking perpetual warfare model around the universe were we able to traverse the galaxies.  

By coincidence and even though I stay away from the subject of Nibiru this chap here, Kevin Hunter uploads a couple of videos assembling a robust case for the non existence of Sitchin's planet, but if I understand him correctly, believes that a neutron star may explain some of the peripheral explanations for comet Elenin and or Nibiru-like bodies in the solar system. It's clear he's a top notch astro theorist and knows his stuff.