Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Poor Old Oliver Stone

When Oliver Stone was directing the largest Asian mobile phone commercial for Motorola  the advertising production representative for Saville Productions Johnnie Doran informed me that Oliver Stone was often slamming down the phone in exasperation at odd hours over harassing conversations with government officials who were pressuring him over making JFK. 

I've assumed that his  films since then such as WTC and W. (George Bush) are the concessions they squeezed out of him for telling the truth over JFK. And that ladies and gentleman is how the U.S. brainwashes its public to believe the conspiracy are just wild eyed theories.

But if you're looking closely at W. (I never watched WTC the movie) there's plenty of evidence that Stone is telling you it's a cartoon of his usual work. The actors resemblance to the real life characters for example. So literal. So cartoonish.