Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Mark Dice, Shapeshifting Cephalopoda, David Icke & Reptilians

Self styled researcher and wannabe media pundit Mark Dice who specialises in conspiracies theories decided to attack his colleague in the conspiracy movement David Icke with an ad hominem assault on his character and research work on shapeshifting reptilians. This would have been more credible if he had done his homework and had a counter argument to John Lash's archons, Zecharia Sitchins' Annunaki, William Bramley's God's of Eden, Dr Jack Pruett, Stewart Swerdlow, Marshall Klarfeld and a whole lot more. He should also look at natures example of the subject as above.

I've written about this topic before and I'm much more interested in  David Icke's work in organised ritual child abuse at elite levels of society than shapeshifting reptilians but I think after this 'honour to meet you' interview that Mark Dice made when interviewing David Icke a few years ago it's safe to assume that I'm tasked with introducing his two faces to each other.