Sunday, 25 September 2011

JFK & The Maury Island Incident

Joe Pesci playing the character David Ferrie quotes Winston Churchill in Oliver Stone's JFK. He says nobody will ever solve this case as 'it's a mystery wrapped in a riddle inside an enigma'. Until last night I've been reasonably happy that LBJ was coopted by unknown parties to bring together the unholy clusterfuck of the CIA, Mafia, Anti Castro, Military (Industrial Complex) together to pull it off and keep it quiet after. I've posted the evidence for that.

I'm still OK with the LBJ evidence but this morning I listened to two incredible interviews with Red Ice Radio's Henrik Palmgren and the first posted above (now replaced) has pretty much blown open the JFK Coup d'état with a UFO link too bizarre to make up. There's more than just that but it's all so fucking nuts that I'm unable to pull out my ace card explanation because it's so exotic it would shred any credibility I've earned thus far in asking people to take a closer look at issues like 9/11 and say Lunar anomalies I just blogged previously. So I'm going to stay quiet but there is only one explanation that covers the sheer loop the loop insanity of synchronicity that you'll learn in this interview. I love it when it get's this hardcore. Lightweights synchromystics will probably find this too heavy . Below is a picture of Kennedy with the astronaut John Glenn.

Here's the Red Ice Radio Blurb on the interview.

Kenn Thomas is a conspiracy writer, university library archivist, and editor & publisher of Steamshovel Press. Kenn has authored over a dozen books on various conspiracy topics. He's been a key figure in the conspiracy underground for years. His magazine, Steamshovel Press, has deeply influenced the underground conspiracy movement and also surfaced in mainstream popular culture, from The New Yorker to The X-Files. In this first hour, we begin discussing the connection between the JKF assassination and UFOs. Kenn talks about the possibility that Fred Crisman was connected to the assassination of JFK. Crisman's name appears in relation to the Maury Island Incident, an early UFO encounter. The UFO story began with Harold A Dahl who worked for Crisman. Kenn explains the details of this story, the sighting, the JFK connection and the evidence. Later, we discuss the infiltration of the UFO community by government agents and why. We end talking about JFK's last speech, the weaponization of space and underground civilizations. Kenn shares his opinion on aliens and UFOs.

Update: There's another excellent Coast interview on the Maury Island incident over here