Saturday, 24 September 2011

Faster Than The Speed Of Light Neutrinos? What A Yawn

The recent news that neutrinos may travel faster than the speed of light smacks of science propaganda softening up the gullible public for free energy solutions that have been suppressed for at least decades. The same people who think this can't be true still drool over century old combustion engines, 1940's fossil fuel rocket technology and 19th century technology for electromagnetic frequency iPhones. 

It's a farce. 

The interview above with Dr. Steven Greer is about as authoritive a contemporary interview one can find on the topic though there are whistle blower from interviews available too. Naturally these wont be appearing or pursued on corporate media apertures any time soon so here's Stan Deyo on the facts of life.

The recent revelation that more planets than ever are likely to be inhabitable supports my assertion that we're being softened up for the news compounding each week that we have never been alone, and that inter stellar travel is the technological hygiene of a universe which is abundant with free energy.

Those oil wars are all the evidence the critically thinking person needs. There's no excuse for skipping on scrutiny.