Saturday, 24 September 2011

The Beatles - Anthology


I had the good fortune to read the book The Beatles Anthology when it came out in  October 2000. It's not the sort of thing I was into buying at that time but as I was living with a friend (who saw them play at Shea Stadium) I read his copy and learned all the sorts of details that really only come out with a lively and well produced authorised version. This is a rare combination as the temptation to varnish over the past is too overwhelming for most music legends. I'd read Albert Goldman's Lives of John Lennon many years before that and I reckon I'd be interested in reading more about George Harrison as I found him the most interesting Beatle so any book recommendations appreciated.

I downloaded the 8 Anthology DVD's off the net earlier this year, and a few weeks back watched the entire collection over a couple of days. It was most enjoyable. If you're ever feeling a bit gloomy (and not allergic to the fab four) even the weakest fan should find this DVD set a rich and satisfying (sound like gravy advert don't I?) way to spend some time. I'm massively aware that some of the early tunes must have permeated my mother's womb and that even earlier hits by them were probably playing an awful lot during her pregnancy. They're part of my very fabric and it was most satisfying for a person who really doesn't get that sentimental about much British stuff per se. One of those little nuggets I discovered in the DVD's was that Magical Mystery Tour was well appreciated on a Filmic Expression course taken by George Lucas at film school. It nose dived when it came out with the British public, as it was broadcast in black and white and I guess needs to be appreciated in colour, so I'm looking forward to checking out their films too, which to date I'd always filed under fun but no more important than say pop merchandise.

While searching a clip for this post I uncovered the special features Anthology DVD is on Youtube so there's another hour of Beatles rarity lined up for me. Result.