Monday, 5 September 2011

Alfred Webre Interviews Tolec

Make of it what you will though much of the background information in this interview by Alfred of Exopolitics is well documented elsewhere. Naturally it's hard to feel euphoric over the successful conclusion of a war that most people were never aware of in the first place but it was still an interesting interview for me on the second occasion. It would be fascinating to put Tolec with James Horak and ask why one thinks the Orion Grey's are Extra Biological Entities and the other a race of organic beings. Or maybe I have misunderstood that. In any case the Draco Reptilians look like they're having a bad year which is always a good thing isn't it?

Update: I don't have any confidence in what Tolec says. I'd say he's disinformation. Let's face it. Alfred is under a lot of pressure to be discredited and everything Tolec has said about YU55 etc has not come to pass.