Wednesday, 7 September 2011

9/11 Conspiracy Perspectives Seldom Appreciated

It took me a few years to accept the evidence that I had rejected time and again. I couldn't conceive of such an horrific attack being orchestrated by the very people who then went to war for it. Here are a few points that people often miss when defending the very people that they otherwise know to be morally bankrupt politicians.
  • The Government couldn't hoodwink an entire nation.
It's not Government per se that facilitated 911, but it would have taken a Cabal within Government to achieve. NAZI Germany showed us that entire nations can be duped. People are hugely influenced by mass media and particularly so if they still trust their leaders. The famous radio broadcast of Orson Wells that panicked the U.S. into running for the hills was not only an elite sponsored propaganda test but also a great example of the power of broadcast media.
  • The Cabal are too inept to carry out a vast conspiracy.
You're right. A few hours of research will highlight all the loose ends that are exposed. But if a White House proclamation is what it takes to process the evidence correctly then evidence alone is never going to persuade. I've seen this all round the world time and again in lots of conversations I've had.
  • The Cabal couldn't keep a secret.
Yes they could. The Manhattan project was unknown to the Truman when FDR died and yet it was Truman who dropped the bomb on Japan. The Vice President didn't know about the atomic weapon programme the President instigated. Government is very good at keeping secrets and couple that with a few deaths of investigators, the threat of losing one's pension and it's quite easy to keep large groups silent over what are actually widely know facts. 911 is an open secret and there are many more that with discernment are available on the internet and understood by a small portion of the population.
  • Conspiracy theorists enjoy conspiracy theories.
Thinking the unthinkable is the  most depressing thing I've ever learned. That malicious families, groups and bloodlines throughout history that have manipulated an entire planet to go to war with each other, fight over oil, religions, ideologies and resources and generally divide and rule. It's thousands of years old and much of it is planned well in advance.
  • Conspiracy theorists have an explanation for everything
Guilty. There are three explanations for 911 with overwhelming evidence including partially remote controlled planes (piloted till the last few seconds), thermite explosions and scalar 'dustification' weaponry. It's quite possible that a combination of all three were used to obfuscate the matter but in the final analysis I certainly don't know why. But I do know the official story is by a long chalk the weakest explanation.

It's also the 'cui bono' one that helped a decade of unnecessary and gratuitous violence through a war on terrorism. More dogs kill people than terrorists in the U.S.