Tuesday, 2 August 2011

RIP Ted Gunderson

Former FBI agent Ted Gunderson died on 31 July. Ted pursued the truth about ritual satanic sex abuse and child sacrifice at elite levels and without his work I'd never have taken David Icke's work seriously or the testimony of brave souls like Cathy O'Brien. I'd never have believed that MKULTRA was for real or that it's not a few bad eggs at the alphabet agencies but that they're in on the action.

Former free energy scientist and astronaut Brian O'Leary also died a couple of days ago and I can't help but get the feeling they've done the job they agreed to do. Without their constant questioning the 2nd and 3rd generation wouldn't be as close as we are today. 

All it takes is a handful of people to change the world. Ted and Brian will be watching from a different place and will be able to see the fruits of their labours in the near future. I rescued his videos from Google before they shut down their video site and while they are not great they changed the game. I honour them.