Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Was Anders Breivik Clockwork Oranged?

A reasonable question given that Stanley Kubrick would have been 83 today. Decades on his work's dual narrative is largely misunderstood such that most are unaware of Clockwork Orange mind control exposed, 2001 Space Odyssey solar system Saturnalia (among other cosmic dramas), Eyes Wide Shut's elite ritual sex abuse and The Shining's tale of Kubrick's work filming the moon landings for NASA

Arthur C Clarke says he was possibly the most intelligent man he knew in this eulogy montage video, and given his movies nested clues exposing a world he kept himself recluse from his greatest day may yet be to come. 

This is mainly from Jay Weidner's research and film making, taunting the elites with quips such as Stanley's world class chess skills. We both know what chequer board Jay's talking about and so do they. Tick tock, tick tock.