Thursday, 28 July 2011

Is Your Third Eye Open?

Debunking movies are by their nature so agenda driven, I find they're invariably pseudosceptical, hate filled and usually instructive of the authors neuroses. I like David Icke's message and I support his campaign to spark awareness of the depth of institutionalised ritual child sex abuse at the psychopathic top layer of society such as the Vatican and Balmoral. However this David Icke debunked documentary isn't malicious and is a must see for anyone scratching away at the rubble of disinformation in search of that spark of eternal truth which I increasingly believe is within us all and which so many different groups have a determined agenda to own and manipulate. 

I still support David Icke and this video does nothing to provide a concrete alternative but it's good to interrogate our beliefs whatever they are. If you don't know your Madame Blavatsky from your Ascended Masters this is probably not a good place to start. Or maybe it's the perfect place to commence the inquiry? One this is for sure. The elite levels of society are very familiar with all this information while ceaselessly spinning a scientific materialism story that many buy into because it's so limited and easy to grasp at a soundbite level. They say, if you can't measure it and repeat it then it doesn't matter. So why do they worship esoteric occult entities such as the very telling Hindu God Shiva doing her cosmic dance outside of the single most expensive piece of scientific kit on the planet. That's at the CERN large hadron collider.

As Dr. Joseph Farrel points out. Why would they use 'the destroyer of worlds' as a sort of agency mascot? Meanwhile the planet is largely Eyes Wide Shut with a truth hidden In Plain Sight.