Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Deep Impact Comet Elenin?

I've largely ignored comet Elenin because on top of coronal mass ejection and polar shift it's just one of those planetary disaster scenarios that worrying about seems neurotic. However Bangkok doesn't fare well in the "future map" scenarios I've researched thus far. Phnom Penh looks good  in a pinch but my point is I have researched the matter, and so if you live in Asia below is a selection I've channelled from my inner cartographer. I'm being flippant because I've learned that "future maps" are Class-A fear-porn, leaving hard core debunking sceptics unable to resist a bit of right click/save-image insurance policy on the quiet. So be my guest. It can be our secret.

At the urging of my favourite astronomer and scientist, Richard C Hoagland, I've learned that the Comet Elenin is on the surface "completely insignificant" and yet because of glorious anomalies and freaky synchronicity, eerily hard to ignore. So here's the run down.

Since its discovery by its Russian namesake Leonid Elenin last year, it has been the focus of disproportionate attention between him and NASA as they disagree on whether it's a parabolic or hyperbolic comet. The latter has never been observed before. Either way it is going to fly by closest to earth at an auspicious hyperdimensional physics time that is too coincidental for those of us who follow these things.

The story of Comet Elenin's arrival into the solar system is oddly similar to Arthur C. Clarke's, Rendezvous with Rama which I've downloaded as a storybook and am about a third of the way through. It seems the author of 2001 Space Odyssey had some prescience like a Swiss banknote design, now withdrawn from circulation.

The currency note was based on a design that has synchronous Comet Elenin data on it by Leonard Euler a couple hundred years before, and who also happened to be Russian. 

So Leonard Euler/Leonid Elenin are you starting to wake up? 

I picked up on this story first in May, but with confusing names. That is cleared up by Zacharia Sitchin in this podcast. Red Ice have done a nice post on  the currency-synchronicity theme though if your appetite is already wetted, Richard Hoagland has been interviewed by Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice below. Elenin might not be the disaster the fear-porn gang-bangers are portraying it to be but it's hard not to conclude that its arrival is loaded with meaning.

To top it all off there's a bunch of synchronicity between comet Elenin and the 1998 movie Deep Impact but I've warned y'all about the power of predictive programming so don't get sucked into the drama by spending your money on unnecessary emergency dinghies. There's a battle for your attention going on and your job is to keep calm and carry on. It's going to be a wild ride though.

Watch that space.