Sunday, 15 May 2011

Krystle Cole - NeuroSoup

Anybody doing research on LSD or Entheogens on Youtube will have come across NeuroSoup. I never listened to many of her video talks, but thought she seemed a kind hearted and well meaning hippy girl giving earnest advice on a comprehensive and exhaustive list of hallucinogens, many of which I'd never heard of. Actually if there was one take-out I always thought that with some more contemporary spectacles and a foxier wardrobe, Kyrstle Cole looked like she had a fit body and lots of potential underneath her patchouli oil sweaters. I know, I know..... but it is as it is.

Well, I've just had a reality distillation. Turns out Krystle Cole was once a Gothic stripper in Kentucky doing a bondage act to shake up the locals and relieve the boredom. She befriended the largest LSD manufacturers in the U.S. and moved to their nuclear silo/bunker laboratory falling in love with the one who had psychopathic tendencies before he ratted out the gentlemanly half. It's definitely one of the better stories of I've ever read and there's even a shot of her lingerie clad body wearing a gas mask in that bunker, thus fulfilling (and positively confirming) a mild curiosity wish of mine, in a not to be missed article over at Vice. 

On a serious note though Krystle Cole confirms unambiguously that at the top of the pyramid there is no distinction between the drug dealers and the drug law enforcers. The DEA are the DEALERS.

I want to make this emphatic point. This isn't about conspiracy. This is how it all works. ALL of it. Ordinary people are susceptible to the biggest lies and there is no bigger lie than 'the government wouldn't kill people, sell drugs, use mind control and encourage crime'. Yes they do and the quicker you wise up, the quicker we can move on. As princess Diana said about the top of the pyramid "They're not human". That's why the information is so hard to digest. Though that is beginning to change.

UPDATE: Great video interview of Krystle over at Vice.