Thursday, 5 January 2012

The Turin Shroud & Religious Manipulation

Update: We've known since April that the Turin shroud has marks we cannot duplicate with any technology today and so the question the savvy Vatican watcher should be asking is 'Why are they spinning it now?' and 'What's the agenda'. My interpretation is that it fits into their pseudo spiritual harvesting of Catholic mindshare should we face impending volatile times. To repeat this news officially now is a trigger for the sheep to turn to the Vatican in times of despair. The interview embed is not working so I will find an alternative to repost but you can listen to the original at Red Ice Radio and read what I wrote in April below.

This double interview might be a little heavy. I'm not sure I fully get Nigel Kerner's harvesting of souls hypothesis completely and his interview style is quite hard as it swings between fabulously complex and then lots of 'if you see what I mean'. Or maybe it's just a simple premise of Grey aliens harvesting souls and that they are lower down the food chain of conciousness and thus more of a warning than a threat if taken pragmatically as omens of technology fetishism.

However it's the Andrew Silverman part that kicks in around 15-20 minutes that blew me away. He takes us through the solid scientific evidence that the Turin Shroud wrapped a dead man who shone momentarily brighter than the sun and left the mark of his body imprinted against the cloth as if the cadaver lit up a like nuclear flash gun for a nano second. That in itself is worth listening to and there's loads more juicy science that the shroud is likely to have wrapped someone who bears fistfuls of biblical evidence similar to the story of Jesus Christ.

But then Andrew continues with a story that segues into quantum physics where he rightly points out that mind manifests matter and not the other way round. That's why the Schroedinger cat thought experiment is not just a fanciful brain game but important to understanding who we are. Then Andrew takes that thinking back to the big bang and draws the fairly robust correlation that if our conciousness is from the same source than we are in fact one and that our earthly incarnation is but a test for us to figure that out. 

I'm with him on this one as all my research from entheogens to learning about Pandeism from @pandeism on Twitter has revealed to me that this is both intellectually, psychedelically and emotionally resonant. It's the most important learning I ever came across and it seems there are many ways to scale the peak of that mountain with this podcast being an excellent example.