Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Unsettled (Updated Political Position on Zionism)

Both Israel and Gaza are two places that I intend to visit as soon as I can, as I regret not taking the chance a while back. This Louis Theroux documentary is fresh out on Youtube and as per the usual format of Theroux's affable questions in the face of extremists, it makes for compelling viewing. 

I appreciate that the subjects are all characterised as Ultra Zionists but it's evident they have the full backing of the Israeli State. Even though, and this isn't too well known, the State of Israel is one of the most atheist/agnostic countries in the world and that the peaceful yet campaigning intellectual elite live in Israel unlike the AIPAC nutters in the States manipulating legislation through lobbying backed by sheer force of disposable dollars.

Perhaps unexpectedly, I am a Zionist. I might have said something different around the Balfour Declaration but as it's a done deal it's insane to suggest anything other than that Israel has a right to exist. 

Not however, at the expense of others.

I cannot in good conscience remain pro Zionist any longer. The last bombing by Israel of Gaza with F-16 jets murdering 500 people including 50 children destroyed the Zionist project. It is doomed to fail and our task now it to figure out how the Palestinians and the peace loving Israelis can find a two state solution (or one if they wish) without the psychos who currently run Israel anywhere near the levers of power. I've been patient. Maybe too patient. Not any more. Brand Israel does not deserve to be a part of the future. When the landlines have been agreed on I want a name that doesn't make me feel nauseous to  be applied. A rebranding if you like - Charles March 2013