Saturday, 4 February 2012


I hesitated before publishing this as like Dave Trott I agree that the Leni Riefenstahl work is extraordinary but I don't like to encourage feeble conclusions from people. However for some reason the history of Nazism keeps dropping into my data stream. I guess the first time my antenna began to twitch again was on learning about Hitler's interest in the Occult and Madame Blavatsky. More recently I was reminded in Duty of Genius that Wittgenstein and Hitler were at the same art school at the same time and the apocryphal story (no evidence at all) is that the deep racism of Hitler toward Jews began around that time.

Then just after picking up on the symbolism in United States architecture, logos and ceremonies recently, this Nazi ID emerged on the net with a full .pdf download of the entire manual. Also only in the last few days I've been learning about the entire Nazi rocket building program team who were (complete with get out of jail free cards) airlifted from post concentration camp Germany to the U.S. and absorbed by NASA where to this day an ideology of supremacist legacy still exists in the shape of black projects that even the UFO analyst crowd are often unable to determine or rather distinguish between. 

This is a matter not without problems given the U.S. propensity to pick a bogeyman to keep honest noses close to the grindstone in the shape of (given their late entry into the war) first Nazis then Communists and now Islam, so the question is who is next? 

It just goes on doesn't it?

As do I, I'm now listening to this.