Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Is Lara Logan The New Jessica Lynch

The details of the story are beginning to look fishy, and in the absence of independent media verification and neutrally-sourced supporting scientific evidence, coupled with this eyewitness foreign journalist account. It's now clear that the known facts sit uncomfortably with the spin emerging from the U.S. 

It looks eerily similar to elements of the Jessica Lynch story from Iraq. Most of you know that I participate in online conversations and I've learned to spot the smothering of dissent from tell tale clues in comment style.

In this instance the anonymity and feeble defense from those comments prompted me to post this. Manipulating the population in the States is well documented and the outrage of a fair maiden being ravaged by savage locals is the quintessential knee jerk response of a corn syrup nation reared to respond to anything but it's own vacuous morality, and in desperate need to distract attention from the Billions of dollars that the US provided to prop up the Egyptian dictator they had funded for decades. Money that went straight back into the Pentagon coffers with arm sales. 

It's a military affair after all.