Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Clif High & Webbot

I'm amused yet totally unsurprised that social media research hasn't come even close to Clif High's Web Bot. We can see in emerging quantum theory that the future bleeds back into the past to change the present. From that premise (not the the one I prefer as my understanding of the Universe is fundamentally non material and non temporal much like Clif but I'm trying to make it easy for you) I'll lead you to a brief description of Clif's genius.

The Web Bot Project, developed in the late 1990's, was created to assist in making stock market predictions.

The technology uses a system of spiders to crawl the Internet and search for keywords, much like a search engine does. When a keyword is located, the bot program takes a snapshot of the text preceding and following the keyword. This snapshot of text is sent to a central location where it is then filtered to define meaning.

The projects concept is aimed at tapping into the "collective unconscious" of the universe and it's inhabitants. As well, there is an interesting time concept involved and an unusual concept of a "tipping point" regarding the past, current, and future times. It goes a bit deeper than viewing what those of us on the Internet are saying.

I'll just add to that what I've learned from listening to Clif which is that we have set patterns of language in normal use and our antenna to the future bleeds back (much like a Freudian slip) to give us atypical word usage that the Web Bot can spot and build hypotheses from. In an ideal world it would need a couple of hundred years to build 'form' and hammer out the idiosyncrasies of what is very much a craft instead of a science. However Clif's software picked up and predicted 911 before anyone else and so now the CIA have realised they'd made a mistake rejecting his business proposal to them which may explain the possible wire tapping because a lot of his broadcast telephone calls to radio station interviews go suspiciously weird at points which is why I'm going to throw my shoulder to his brilliance. Don't believe me? Listen for yourself. I listen to hundreds of hours of this kind of stuff and it's unusual.

It's alway the linguistic thinkers who appeal to me. First Chomsky, then Wittgenstein and after many hours of listening to Clif I learned he too is a trained linguist. Even if you find his thinking overwhelming on many subjects, anybody can see he's a polymath of extraordinary pattern recognition. He's got a good sense of humour, a disciplined code of conduct and if as I believe he's on to something is possibly one of the most important and interesting people alive. Which is why his work is way above the commercial world even though it's a small team and very much a work in progress. Listen to him on his channel over here. I'll paste one episode below but it's best to listen as a playlist if this doesn't automatically roll over into the second part. He's a smartbomb genius.