Saturday, 22 January 2011

Quantum Entanglement

When is empirical science going to wake up from it's measurable stupor to grasp the obtuseness of subject object delineation. That empirical science is intellectually asphyxiated. That dare we utter it.... all is indeed one and thus the end and the beginning are contiguous. 

That the temporal experience we enjoy as monkeys sitting around the planet, in our cotton underpants, arguing over who owns what, is an extraordinarily unique blessing not to be wasted.

We're making daily headway into the nature of our unique space time dimension. We haven't even scratched the surface.

Some deviant arsehole wrote that in the comments of the Quantum Entanglement article over on Wired. Anybody notice Graham Hancocks new book (his first work of fiction) is called Entangled? The word is popping up everywhere for me.

Update comment from a very knowledgable person:

When these scientists learn that there are seven dimensions that precede space-time, and time is the eighth dimension, then the source of entanglement occurs in the realm of rules, data, and patterns before ever projecting into space-time. Thereby, what is entangled are the patterns in those seven hidden dimensions that give rise to the "things" within space-time. Consequently, all entanglement by its very nature stretches through time before manifesting in space. Thereby, the definition of entanglement must include time for the concept to be accurate.

Just like an object-oriented programming language reuses code and objects, the universe reuses patterns within those seven dimensions. Learn to manipulate those patterns and you can cause effects anywhere in space-time, at will. The downside is that the consequences for error are far greater and idiot-humans would merely destroy themselves before having the chance to understand what went wrong.

Clean up your acts, and I'll teach you more. Try to use this now and you won't ever get the chance.

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