Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Fresh Perspectives

Last night I had an epiphany. Or more accurately I watched my reality being torn apart blow by blow, minute by minute, word by word over an extraordinarily long article. It was tough. There's nothing tougher than keeping an open mind.

Do you all have heroes? Mine are mostly listed in Facebook if I think about the easiest place to find them and the most convenient way not to list them right now. 

They tend to be a bit more of the heretics turned prophet types. I've no interest in the main stream, all the progress and action is on the edge. That doesn't mean I don't appreciate the awesomeness of just being. That specific feeling can occur walking down a street, entering a lift or traversing a hotel lobby if I'm mindful about what is going on. A quality I've yet to develop so it's more integral to my temporal appreciation of living in the moment.

However the act of seeing an idol broken irreversibly has suddenly opened new vistas on what means to be me, or even more importantly what it means to ask 'who am I?', or even for you to be thou through my eyes. 

As tough as it was I hope to be continually achieving this dynamic of reinvention and reappraisal for the rest of my life as there really is nothing more interesting than seeing the world anew. Life is massively interesting already but a fresh perspective rewires the possibilities. The potential if you will.