Thursday, 23 December 2010

Quantum Science & Aristotelian Logic

It was Andrew who pointed out recently that I have a flair for pointing out the intellectual brilliance of someone and thus immodestly declaring my own brilliance. It's a fair (and funny criticism) because one of the things about branching out into evolutionary biology and quantum physics this year (along with Gnosticism and Hermeticism et al) is that the more I learn the more I realised how diminished is the full extent of my knowledge. 

And I haven't even mentioned my capacity for plain mistake making and errors that like to go large with me.

One of the benefits of trying to be as intellectually diverse as I can handle without lurking to long on the Alien Abduction scene (very interesting from a Jungian Analysis perspective) is how gorgeous and deeply orcestral is the range and tightly interlocking depth of Universal symmetry. 

Its Oneness if you will. 

I don't mind science as an approach, though the gadget-fetishists appear in my eyes to be ethically stunted. In my estimation we're measurably into morally diminishing returns when it comes to the latest technology, though it's clear they work extraordinarily well from the perspective of distraction. 

Sorry did you say something?

I find science fundamentalism ball-achingly lacking in imagination. This is why I think the mysteries of quantum physics point the way towards the limits of repeatable experiments and are thus a robust case for a cosmic deity as supra-scientist.

One of the most disappointing observations from watching the theists and atheists slug it out is the crudely empirical nature in how they both forward their arguments. This morning I came across somebody who frames these questions and thoughts in ways that are much closer to me than say Hitchens' and Blair's recent pedestrian effort.

OK, OK, so it was Einstein, but please read it if you get a chance.

A period of silence on my part would be most appreciated right? 

Well..... Robert Anton Wilson in the background?