Friday, 26 November 2010

Google On My Blog

Checking through Google Analytics recently I noticed that Google had returned to visiting my blog. There was a time when this happened quite frequently and I posted about who  visited this blog most over here. However in the last month, I've notice that they've returned again a few times, and on one occasion spending upwards of 20 hours on this blog. Or did somebody land here and then head home for a nice snooze? 

Naturally this couldn't be because the content is so compelling though I admit the Which one is the ladyboy post is a cracker if only because you all voted a lady friend of mine in Hong Kong as being a transsexual. This is proof that none of us really know shit from shit, though why this and others would be of considerable interest to Google remains a mystery to me. 

I haven't even written my anti American imperialist post yet. But I will.