Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Have you met my boyfriend?

You've all given me a fabulous laugh as 64% of you voted Young lady B from Hong Kong as being a fella. Well done gang. And for dessert I should add that the young post operative transsexual Lovely Lady B, picked me up, and despite years of living here I had no idea. To add insult to injury I remember as it became clear that she like me a lot that, uncharacteristically for me in public, I was quite tactile in the swish bars I took her to and I distinctly remember explaining to her that she was extraordinarily 'sporty'. As in fit as a fiddle. You have to laugh don't you?

Incidentally though if I were to be asked who was more feminine. As in graceful, elegant, well mannered and just all round pleasant to be with it was the lady born as a boy. There's another two posts I want to do about this subject as I learned so much about gender identity from this country that it gives me an a lot of additional dimensions to think about when I listen to Women talking about make-up or Guys and football in groups and depth interviews. It's all good though (You can put the missus' shampoo brand down now lads)