Monday, 3 September 2012

I Heart Raytheon

...predator Drones - (Dangerous - Robots in the sky

Are for that special someone in your life that you want to bomb the living shit out of and spread their entrails all over the fucking bleeding Christmas tree while watching the blood ooze down off the pine needles onto the neatly wrapped presents below. Sound a bit much? Well unfortunately we don't have any Youtube videos, or Tweets from the Pakistani and Afghan weddings that were hit by Raytheon's Remotely Operated Drone technology though I do know that the guys who operate the Predator technology are having psychological problems because taking out innocent people a couple of continents away with a joystick and a couple of beers on the side (no spliffs) before heading home to tuck the kids into bed and kiss their foreheads is not working out.

The good news is you can now follow the latest military industrial complex social meeja superstars Raytheon on twitter or follow on Facebook. I thought I was missing the obvious or something when I stumbled across their website and noted that they actively encourage sharing of their media releases including  updates on the latest iphone app that can be used in modern warfare situations.

This company were creating killing machines long before the CIA's recruiting and funding of the mujahedin in Afghanstan came back to haunt the United States of America (thumps clenched right fist to flag loving heart) on 9/11 as home command fighter jets had their lines of communication scrambled long enough to see the twin towers implode vertically (Queue The Beatles: I get by with a little help from my friends), a full hour and a twenty minutes before the next attack on the nervous system of the worlds most sopisticated military headquarters the Pentagon. 

If you didn't know by now that military intelligence (and all the other spooks and peddlers of fear) is an insult to the intelligence then it's down to shitty ol' moi with freedom fries in hand to share that Raytheon are the people who now make dollars out of misery with their latest sexy iphone app while the enemy they continually build up before trying to hack down (it's just business) are currently hacking into the video feeds of the war drones flying long distant remote over the hills of Afghanistan (and Pakistan) and are  now only a tweet away: Pimping their latest software.

I welcome the military industrial complex' coming out party into social media. Transparency can only be a good thing. Which allows me to say this. Get a fucking grip America. They don't hate your freedoms. They despise the fork tongued, rattle tail, snakeskin salesmen and their utter, utter contempt for anyone elses freedom to have a life. They bury their infant corpses the day after a wedding (time and again)  while the US goverment deliberates over whether to pay the Taliban off, now that woman's rights have slipped down the priority list, while bribing the current corrupt and unloved  but installed dictator who has an opium druglord brother on the CIA payroll.

If you tolerate this. 

Then your children will be next.