Monday, 13 July 2009

Reinterpreting Ronald

I got stuck into Ronald McDonald's character a bit over here and subsequently discovered this below. I can live with this interpretation. I take everything back as clearly there's lots of room for some exciting transmedia planning ideas when I see subtlety like this. One of the reasons I like Japanese creatives is their subtlety which can transform creative briefs into something more gentle and likable that is outside my imagination.

In this instance the less aggressive use of colour, which is just so much more powerful than rigid corporate identity imposed from afar, is instantly more likable to me. The Japanese often manage to keep their distance from that whole  international identity policing strictness. A common reason is because NPD in Japan, for say beverages, (particularly RTD) is so much faster than what the US is used to, and transcontinental involvement isn't tolerated or the product releases wouldn't keep up with the competition. A snooze you lose scenario.

I like this. But then I've said that already.