Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Sneak Preview: Beijing Olympics 2008 - The Cube and The Birds Nest


Pics via Focus China.

I've been twittering for a few days about the lack of foreigners in town and tonight intend to hit a few hot spots to see if it's just around Tiananmen and the Forbidden City where apart from Olympic Officials and Journalists they are definitely thin on the ground. I'm reminded of Baudrillard's simulacra that if enough people see it on televison around the world, then maybe its an international event. Simulacra or othewise.


  1. Those pictures are awesome! Keep us informed Mr Frith...

  2. great pics frith. i remember noticing the same thing in sydney during the olympics. and then, once i started going to events, the people were just there. and they were in the city at night, watching on the big screens, and they were on the trains and the buses and the footpaths. i'll never know if they were foreigners, or just interstate from a diverse background, but the people were there. and then they left before the closing ceremony and sydney went back to work.

  3. Great photos Charles. Keep posting your insights via Twitter and your blog. Good luck Beijing!

  4. I like the Baudrillard idea... the absence of Mugabe did not take place...

  5. Wow, excellent pictures.
    What's your take on Bush slagging off China's human right record on the same day they announce the result of a Guantanamo Bay trial?

  6. Thanks for all your comments everyone. I'll be twittering through a rubber glove inspection Claire. I'm still sceptical that there are any visitors here yet Lauren but we'll see tomorrow.

    Welcome aboard Elliot likewise on the tweets :)

    Must send you the Mugabe mock up close up Tim. That little Hitler tash is the real deal.

    Hey famous Rob. I've got to say I don't pay any attention to what Bush says. But I listen closely to Cheney and watch carefuly who he visits. Actually its kind of an interesting deal the Prez turning up here. I actually think its the right decision in a lets-park-all-bad-decisions kind of way.