Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Word Up

This will no doubt be a boring post for many, but I'm in the States and catching up on a lot of blocked sites that were just too difficult to interact with through The Great Firewall of China. So here's my Blog Wordle thus far.

If anybody is in Los Angeles and wants to hook up for a coffee, drop me an email which is in the 'Soundbite' section to the right of this post hopefully.

I'm also going to the PSFK conference in San Francisco later next week for a few days so if any of you Stateside progressives need your inspiration and thinking tackle topped up, you need to book your tickets soon over here because those PSFK boys and girls keep it fresh every time.


  1. You very lucky person, I wish I could be in SF for that. I'd sell my kidney but not even that is going to pay for a plane ticket unfortunately :D

    Have a great time and blog all about it :P

  2. Its a well known fact 'not yet woman' tht you traded in your kidneys, years ago for frequent trips between Romania and Brittania. I'll keep you post though ;)

  3. Hi mate - I'm in Seattle then off to London on Sunday, how long are you around the US for?

    Hope all is well,


  4. Hi Rob. I sent you a mail but just in case I'm here for the rest of the month unless things change. Mexico this weekend too! Hurrah.

    Have you gone over to the 'dark side' in Seattle? I'm not talking about the coffee either.

  5. Hi mate - my email is buggered at the moment [a lovely 'porn virus' that even my new colleagues can't figure out yet] but I should be back on line within a few days and then we can catch up - hopefully in more ways than just virtually, ha!

    Hope all is good, take care my friend and don't abuse too many Americans!

  6. I had a Japanese boss once who claimed he had a porn virus when I borrowed his computer. But as I pointed out in my parting email... I am broadminded but didn't think the schoolgirl porn was at all healthy! We've been at war ever since ha ha!

    Everything OK here. Doing a trip to Meh Hi Ko this weekend and SF next week. Might even squeeze in a Miami run because I've got the white linen jacket from Dubai :)

    You on Dopplr?