Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Wallpaper - Beijing

Here at Wallpaper towers, we've gotten tired of the Spa at Badem Wurttemberg and just a little weary of those lush cherry tomatoes from Riverford Organic Vegetables so we thought we'd pay a flying visit to the new seat in the house called Beijing. To be sure we were surprised at the breath taking giantness of it all in an endlessly rolling suburban setting and a square that holds a million but what really caught our eye was...
... OK you can see I think the Wallpaper talk sounds like air kisses on cocaine. They got away with it for a while and Tyler Brûlé has moved on but still manages to do big time carbon footprint for the F.T. and Monocle which is like The Economist with Miu Miu shoe straps.But I wanted to talk about a different wallpaper that has really knocked me sideways. The following pictures are some structures which were knocked up in a matter of weeks and in one memorable instance tore a road up and made a new one, just for the construction; pretty much over night. But the point I want to make is that someone has decided they can't be completed in time for the Olympics and so they've come up with the ingenious idea of just wallpapering a skin to the outside so it looks like its ready to ROCK.
I call it velocity construction and you gotta see it to believe it.Chutzpah eh!


  1. it's a bit of the old Christo-esque
    'revelation through concealment' kind of thing.

  2. Dear IOC, your blushing Bride has something to tell you...

  3. Indeed eaon. Nicely spotted.

    @randall very coquettish ;)

  4. Same same, but different.