Tuesday, 1 July 2008

China Internet - Podcast

The BBC World Service has been blocked on and off here in China of late, and I miss it a lot. Anyway, as ever with these things (and a bit of displacement theory) its got me sniffing around NPR which is terrific, and doing lots of interesting content that I hadn't checked out for a while. Here's one of theirs on the internet in China.


  1. I see you have labelled this post with "podcast". I'm curious: if the Beeb is blocked, are you still able to download its podcasts from iTunes or one of the podcast sites?

    (BTW Thanks for your kind comments)

  2. Hi mate. I can still listen to iTunes downloads but I confess to having a sleep comforter which is the world service playing through the night. I've been doing it for years and annoying past girlfriends intensly.

    Internet streaming is perfect for this but I used to use shortwave radio when abroad pre internet and the crack pop and whistle drove a few insane ha ha.