Saturday, 19 July 2008

Binding Feet

A mother or grandmother typically began binding her daughter's or granddaughter's feet when the child was between the ages of four and seven. The process was started before the arch of the foot had a chance to properly develop. Binding usually started during the winter months so that the feet were numb, meaning the pain would not be as extreme - Wikipedia

Via Danwei


  1. fuckin' 'ell! i've never seen bound feet photographed so, i dunno, explicitly before. i've seen the tops of them and the scale, but the actual shape, where the toes tuck under, is fascinating!

    why are you in califuckingfornia when beijing clearly needs you there.

  2. Can't be dealing with the Olympic build up Lauren. Everything has been micromanaged including how to have fun. I'll be back there soon though. Once I've learnt to surf ;)

  3. ha!

    well, make sure once you've learned, that you scoot past here on your way back - the water's freezing but the waves on the backbeaches are ripping!

  4. I always found it weird that strong forms of body modification became part of the culture of certain ethnical groups. What's interesting is that with the bound feet, stretched necks of the Kayan and the African lip discs it's always the women. Or is there any type of strong body modifcation that is strictly for men?

    Ride the tide, dude.

    P.S. Why do I have to have an Blogger or Wordpress account to comment here, Charles? That's not very liberating.

  5. Hey Seb. I believe that a 'Prince Albert' is British slang for a knob piercing after the husband of Queen Victoria.

    As for comment policy I'm not sure if I open it up free that I can delete ones that might upset the Chinese and stuff... or me even ;)