Tuesday, 6 May 2008


This is interesting...

Thanks to Sam.


  1. Wow, your browser looks crowded man!

  2. Hi Michael. Yes I couldn't screen grab it and a friend has now sent it through for me. Let me know about that wikinomics thing you contacted me about yeah?

  3. The Tweetwheel is interesting ... but I would love it if it would delve deeper, allowing you to follow connections through.

    Or perhaps I am just being voyeuristic.

  4. Hi Gavin that's an interesting point. There's only a couple of people on the web that have highlighted the Tweetwheel because its a LOT of information open to anyone if they wish to input a name into the site. I think that data can be protected through RSS locking on Twitter but the point is that we (Sam and I in fact) have a little joke going on about people who love sniffing digital asses. Be warned that we don't wipe ;)