Sunday, 23 March 2008


With thanks from Gustavo who is shaping up as a very hip and talented creative planner. (Picture taken last night at LAN club where the Ministry of Sound were playing)


  1. After the denunciation and the period of self-examination, were the running dog capitalist roaders who laughed at Xiaofei sent for re-education among the peasantry in the remedial class?

  2. Talk about extreme biurnal recurrence syndrome.... I saw the clip of that young cadre telling his mate to say Xiaofei's performance was horrible on the BBC Inside China programme advertisment. Haven't caught the full show but wanted I have on one of the greatest shows in town....

    I loved the little girl who says..."Didn't you beat me up before" ...classic... and that self-criticism ... Come on, you're big boys ... ha ha.... they were all so charming...

  3. Brutal.

    Interesting that a supposed collectivist society and system [in theory] such as China's systematically breed such extreme individualistic competition - elitism - at such a young age. Brutal. Will we see a whole generation of Chinese growing up thinking any selfish end will justify the means?

    Got to see that all of this documentary.