Wednesday, 5 March 2008


The Kaiser has started causing trouble again and kicked off with a drinks contest. Now I remember the meat contest when it was a very close thing with Russell's bacon and Marcus' Sausage, and truthfully I should confess that I played really dirty on Russell's blog in the comments section pretending that I used to work in a sausage factory and that I sneezed into the meat vat so I guess the Karma is heading my way. Anyway I was originally selected for Red Bull but as we won that business in a pitch over Christmas I didn't want to leave a taste in the mouth of blue collar folk that use it to keep awake rather than passionate. So I opted for a Cocktail that personified the simplicity and naivety of the 70's with a tropical coconut flavour. That and because the lyrics to Rupert Holmes' 'Escape' makes a reference to this cheeky refreshment.

There's no way on earth I'm going to sell this drink to you folks because you its just tasty and retro hip. I like a Gin & Tonic too which is what I'm up against so sorry about the plurality of it all.

Anyway you gotta go and vote so nip over here and join in, if you are up for it. I'm hoping that my brother R gets his partner to vote because it was Pam's inspiration that got me all excited about this very cheeky and underrated snifter. Give that lady a drink ;)

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