Monday, 31 March 2008

Electric Dreams Part II

I'm so revved up about my latest purchase that I'm quite giddy with excitement. Over the weekend I finally decided on an Electric Bike and opted for a second hand QUICK model with only one previous female owner from Iceland of all places. It did feel weird sending emails back and forth to the land that brought us the wonderful Bjork, and in some ways I think the exotic nature of the purchase sealed the deal. That and the freedom and independence I feel it gives.

Looks a bit girly doesn't it? Well I think it rocks. I've already taken it for a rather large spin around town from Xidan to Tiananmen Square and down to Jianguomen Wai. I have absolutely no idea why electric bikes haven't taken off around the planet although I do like that there is no need for a license, road tax or a helmet. Ladies and Gentlemen the future is here. It's just unevenly distributed.


  1. Huggy Bear has come down a peg or two hasn't he.

    A shopping basket???

    Oh well, I'll still talk to you when I see you. Maybe :)

  2. Looks a bit macho for you mate.

  3. Huggy Bear is living the dream Rob :)

  4. If it didn't have the basket i'd say that was kitchly cool.

    Electric lowriders... the future

  5. Alas she was stolen yesterday and now I'll have to upgrade to something meatier. You know how it is