Sunday, 24 February 2008

Nonsense London

I wrote back here that the cost of buying cheap goods is way too high for those people who work hard, are paid inadequately and struggle day in and day out, so we can collectively brag about how cheap T Shirts are made. I've a post about that some day because vintage T Shirts interest me a lot after a spell living on Melrose and snapping up the coolest cheese on the planet. I digress. Rob Mosely who is a bit talented like has client with similar values and has created a sticky viral thing that is a great example of how to make communications slip in neatly with social media. So here is my attempt which was a doddle and fun as well, all done with charming cheekiness I would expect from those chaps at Nonsense London. Who also have a blog now I hear.


  1. Another problem is that just because you are paying more it doesn't guarantee that those who worked to make your T-shirt are getting a decent payment either. There are so many bags, shoes and clothes out there showing off a 'made in Italy' label when they were in fact made in Taiwan. Sad true is that, while there will be someone taking advantage or making money at the expense of others we have very little options as consumers. On the other side, the issue is raised, people are discussing it much more and even though options are few, they are out and that is at least a beginning

  2. Good point Juliana. A lot of luxury goods make insane profits. There's plenty to go round if the greedy ones were less obsessed.

  3. Maybe this issue could also be addressed by the "anti-vulgar displays of wealth" positioning I want to sell/may have sold to a UK based company.

    I must admit I get sick to death of people spouting humanity and then pushing for ever increasing levels of profitability.

    I think we need to send them a dictionary with the word HYPOCRITES highlighted.