Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Brilliant News

Famous Rob (Mortimer) has secured a job offer and is now set to blaze a brilliant career in advertising. Rob lives in the North of England where planning options are very much less frequent than London. He's done a brilliant job of getting to this stage, and the agency that hires him will be benefiting from a terrific eye for marketing communications. I believe from his carfully considered reviews of British advertising that he will be responsible for some lovely stuff in his career. Rob we salute you. Well done.


  1. Are we allowed to do this - has he agreed on 'terms'?

    [Great talking to you today matey -here's to next week]

  2. Not agreed on terms yet, but I suppose it's only talking about my first offer!

    Thanks though Charles, after all it was your recommendation that persuaded them to meet me. :)

  3. This new year started with good news for everyone it seems :D

  4. Indeed Andrea. I think we might hear some news from Sam at some point too. How was your new year and vacation?