Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Podcast on Search Engine Marketing

I'm currently going through a quite intense podcast (netcast) addiction. This means I get to listen to a lot of pabulum, and occasionally uncover pearls that I can now share, like this excellent podcast on search engine marketing. It is lucid, digestible and most importantly the equivalent of reading a small book on the subject in say the duration of the average Northern line commute. I'm probably fibbing there but the point is, if you're not yet comfortable with outlining the right blend of organic versus paid search for an optimal strategy in a digital communications meeting, or even how to benchmark it, then this is the podcast for you.

I originally came across it on the awesome IT Conversations which has easily another 40 or so shows that I've yet to consume to bring myself up to date. This show interviews Mike Moran who clearly knows his beans on digital search but also manages to explain in a way that someone with an interest should be able to access quite quickly. There's also a brilliant one I listened to today on doing business in China which probably wont interest many around here but I can't restrain myself from spreading the excellence that is abundant on the web. Also I haven't figured out how to put a media player in a post. I'm a bit mad on widgets at the moment so expect a few glitches till I've figured things out. Including formatting and links it's still a bit wobbly here on that stuff. I guess you've noticed.

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  1. thanks for using my photo to illustrate your post! looks excellent :)