Saturday, 19 May 2007

Move Over Paris

Intellectual debate was so infamous at English coffee shops of the 18th century that they were referred to as “penny universities”. It's arguable that this reputation for coffee, debate and artistic non conformity was inherited by the intellectuals of the Sixth Arrondissement on the Left Bank in Paris. Well not any longer it isn't.

Video: The Breakfast Club

Credit to Russell Davies who just likes a good cuppa.


  1. Great stuff. Presumably this was just before I turned up and spouted rubbish.

    Like the parallels with 1968 Paris. Revolution was in the air..

  2. Don't worry Will. That little film clip I took of your musings on industry gossip is safe with me on my Youtube/ account :)

    Regarding revolution. Did you see the news about Microsoft buying aQuantive, the digital marketing specialist for 6 Billion dollars yesterday? That's 4 times the price WPP paid for the global Grey network. WPP also recently bought 24/7 Real media hot on the heels of Google buying Double Click, Yahoo buying Right Media Inc, Publicis buying Digitas and Interpublic buying Reprise.

    This leaves only Valueclick Inc left to be bought and thats digital pretty much carved up by the big boys. Depressing how some agencies still don't have a digital planning evangelist isn't it?

  3. I like the 'flowers as my head' thing: I am a blossoming, blooming entity.

  4. With astonishingly bright sparkly eyes I might add :)

  5. Good to catch up again fella. Here's to liberated Tuedays. Details to follow...

  6. I always good to see you Zed

    Count me in on Doesday :)

  7. Wow, it really did get much busier! Im glad it went well. Maybe the next time I'll come on purpose rather than by accident. :-)