Friday, 7 September 2012

Frank Zappa - Biography Documentary

It's not a British documentary so it's not brilliant, as that's a genre the Brits are superior at producing. But it is OK and puts together an interview that is otherwise broken up into clips on Youtube. It was Dangerous Minds who put me onto Zappa but since I have been blocked for from leaving comments there I'll let you use a search engine instead of doing the courtesy of leaving a link.

Zappa was extraordinarily intelligent. He didn't indulge in drugs or drink and had very high standards from an unusually large musical entourage who all read music as well as classical musicians. In many respects I see Frank Zappa as the most serious contemporary musician of the 20th century and I'm looking forward to working my way through his enormous output till well into my old age. But it's worth pointing out one more time, that the man saw completely through the charade that is painted on the walls and presented as reality to the petit bourgeois consumer classes.

With his long hair and pointed beard he could have slipped into easily into a waistcoat and ruffled shirt and passed as a Viennese mad genius conductor. Secretly I think he knew this.