Friday, 24 February 2012

Mae Brussell - Pope John Paul II, Auschwitz & I.G. Farben

I only learned of Mae Brussell yesterday. She was doing parapolitical talk shows back in the 70's and a comrade has started to upload her to Youtube. It's first class female citizen detective work - really thorough and intelligent. This is the first part on a series of three on that old myth that Pope John Paul II was a good guy. Good guy my ass. Listen to Mae spell out the Polish connection at the heart of elite manipulation. It's totally fresh work and of course it's kinda neat to hear a cool old bird from the 70's spelling out the Bilderbergs and the Trilateral commission as the ones we need to arrest along with the other social-psycho think-tank pricks who numb people into thinking violence is an acceptable way of managing the planet.

Mae Brussell died prematurely young of fast-acting onset cancer in the middle of her investigation into the matter. Don't they all?