Monday, 9 January 2012

New Electrics - How It Works, How It's Been Suppressed

An interesting interview with Patrick J Sullivan who understands the two critical issues to this topic which is the science and the parapolitics such as the technology suppression by the NSA, the patent process procrastination (expect more of that this year) and when push comes to shove the suspicious deaths of innovators around the world. U.S. Oil dependence is a huge security issue for the United States as free energy or new electrics or zero point energy or vacuum energy or whatever config you like will bring down the  consumer capitalism house of cards and there are very powerful groups who have done an amazing job of keeping it out of the system since Tesla.

What makes this interview a bit special for me is the ability of Patrick to take us through the history of deception to our species and a solid grasp of the E.T. connection. If that sounds a little too otherworldly for you there's great progress being made on the E-CAT generator in Italy over here.