Sunday, 8 January 2012

Good Night & Good Luck - Atavistic McCarthyism

I just finished watching this and though it was made over five years ago, the principles of editorial freedom and corporate influence are even more important today. It's my pessimistic view that we will see some root and branch censoring of the internet in the near future as in terms of freedom and volume of quality content, the last five years have been the most golden media years of my life, easily boosting my pedestrian IQ by 10 points and allowing me to punch above my weight on a broader platform of topics and at much greater depth.

Aside from my mutual fascination and disgust with Senator McCarthy in the States during this ugly period of U.S. history that is now invoking some kind of atavistic behaviour I was touched to identify something in CBS that connects me to them historically than prior to this film. 

Good Night & Good Luck is a great movie in terms of black and white elegance and sparing performances released in black and white but produced on colour film stock through a grey scale set and later colour corrected to black and white in post production so that the original McCarthy footage opened up a world of bigotry and congressional hearing ugliness that till now I wasn't fully acquainted with.