Saturday, 11 July 2009

1969 - Apollo 11 Moon Landing

There's a lot of history that went down in 1969 including this and this not to mention DARPANET, which indirectly led me to have a brand infatuation moment yesterday in Causeway Bay. I used to live in the area there on Haven Street, which is a groovy place because locals in the know, drop by during the wee hours for famous local desserts.

But what really turned me on was the New Omega Shop which looks a little bit like it could be a flagship store. I mentioned that the IWC "Top Gun" Official USAF watch was kind of OK on me back here but I think they're a little too showy even though the sales staff are awesome.

I've also been toying with buying a Chanel number that caught my eye.

The strap is ceramic like the Rado watches of recent decades and it's a thing of beauty, although once again a little ostentatious. But now I've seen the watch I want, because it ticks all the right boxes on lots of levels. Through their renovation display, Omega have sold me a watch that is the Omega Speedmaster. The first and only watch worn on the moon.

 You're probably wondering why I'm waffling on about watches. I should point out that inside the suitcase stolen by the taxi driver, was the only luxury watch I've ever bought. It was the beautiful and robust Montblanc watch that I once had to go head to head with Rob on his blog about. I also coincidentally bought this watch the last time I was in Hong Kong from a delightful sales lady called Van Wong at the Montblanc Store. Here is a very similar model as it's the unique rubber strap and elegant face that sold me this watch.

 I'm pretty much reconciled to losing this fine friend because it's now been three weeks since it was stolen and the application process for determining a license plate is arbitrary as I understand it. But that's OK because this damm Omega is telling me that despite having quite funky tastes in watches....

....I still need a piece of craftsmanship on my wrist. It's not so much about having the correct time. For me it's about reminding me how valuable time is. Life my friends, is beautiful. Even when we lose everything we own. I'm going to write a bit more about that. Time is something you can't save. Only lose.

Below is one more shop picture of the striking shop renovation for Omega that celebrates the first and only watch on the moon. I think they're onto something. The watch, which I cannot afford till I get a new computer and some clothes firts, will be on my wrist one day. You can count on it. Here's the bit of the moon that the Apollo 11 space capsule in which the Omega Speedmaster was worn landed on. Neat huh? I think we're made for each other.