Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Paris Hilton

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When I read Alex Bogusky talking about Paris Hilton's intelligence in this Fast Company interview I thought it an interesting comment, and now I've seen the video I actually think she comes across as articulate and in control. See for yourself.


  1. Totally agree Charles, I've got my opinion on this girl, and although I think this was hardly her idea (or script) it's still a brilliant comeback. She comes across really well.

  2. Hey Age. I don't know if you ever read the New York Times report on the Hilton video some years back but there's stuff that still doesn't add up today. It's possible she's smart enough to leverage this. What's your opinion on the lady?

  3. First thing to ever get close to picking up my opinion of her from the floor...

  4. Ah yes, I'd forgotten what pushes your buttons.

  5. Yes. You're right John. I'm hoping Paris reads my blog and recognises we are a match made in heaven from my generous post.

  6. I read this a while ago and changed my mind about her.

  7. My opinion of her is pretty obvious from your typical blokes point of view i think...

    she annoys me because she's famous for doing nothing.

    I hate her because she is so materialistic (ironic considering i work in "advertising")

    I think she sends out bad messages for impressionable young girls.

    BUT, all said I would still drop everything for the chance to shag her, for no other reason other than to say I did.

    Shallow? You bet I am.