Friday, 2 August 2019

My Blog Statistics Go Bananas For A Few Days

Punk Planning used to receive about 40,000 hits a month before Google's search engine buried any researchers and writers sharing information the corporate (Fake News) media are unable to. 

I've continued updating Punk Planning, as I still get mentions and links on other larger (alternative media) sites, and I'm happy with a few thousand hits each month from people who do deep dives on search engines.

For some reason it recently picked up massively again for about five days before returning to normal. I've no idea why, but I thought it might be worth a post and tagging in statistics, as I've been booted off Facebook for publishing the Israeli artist Natalie Cohen Vaxberg's art.

It's interesting isn't it?

Every Western icon from Shakespeare to Mermaids can (quite rightly) be portrayed by any other culture/skin-colour than Caucasian, but when it comes to Israeli or Jewish icons, they are sacrosanct. 

It's almost as if hatred of white people is an issue for some very powerful people.

Mass produced ballpoint pens were invented after the alleged Holocaust.

History is written by the victors, and as much of my research documents, the allies did not win WWII. 

Update: I think something is teasing me. 

Update: Google Analytics says I'm talking out of my arse.